PLASMA is our newest fast paced casual puzzle game. Plasma is currently in alpha version and you can find it on ItchIO. The free demo version features the entire game without the in game galactic coins shop. Download the free version & play it as long as you want.  Enjoyed plasma? Consider buying the full version, it would help us a lot! 

Help Til, the fully automated cargo spaceship, whose navigation systems went rogue, to reach his next destination planet.
Each level you’ll have to select the correct fuel cells combination that will sum up to the distance to the next planet.

For each correct combination you will receive galactic coins. Try to make the combinations as quickly as possible in order to achieve greater combos that would give you even more galactic coins!
But beware from the power running out so choose your combination wisely!

Plasma is still under development, we are expected to release new versions every month. To view the next features and suggest other visit the Plasma Roadmap page.

Enjoyed Plasma? Do you have any ideas how to improve our game? we would love to hear all about them, feel free to contact us.